Iris Painting

Personalized Soul Potential Mandalas

Painting is a life long passion & creative expression of mine.
Do you want to experience a deeper connection to your Soul?
Do you want to KNOW what is best for you in every choice you need to make?
The mandala’s I paint are encoded with Pure Source frequency that create magic & miracles in the life experience of the owner.

Each creation is CUSTOM PAINTED according to the individual’s highest Soul Potential!

Contact me for a complimentary 1/2 hour Skype consultation where we create a vision for your personalized Soul Potential Mandala.

Samples of my work are featured below.

Magic & Miracles Mandala
Life Fulfillment Mandala
Customized Soul Potential Mandala for 2019
Marriage Constellation Wedding Gift Customized Mandala
Rainbow Mandala