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Welcome to my Blog!

2015 Life is worth living!  I have a unique contribution to make to the world! I know this is my year.  It is 2015 and the year to speak my truth. The year to embody my full leadership potential and expand the difference I make on this plane of existence.  A new vision of purposeful … Continue reading Welcome to my Blog!

Ring out the False in 2021

Timeless truth never more relevant than today, January 1, 2021.As I pause & consider the awakening to 2020 vision that was the year that just ended, I am heartened to be downloaded with the awareness that ALL  falsehoods being perpetrated within the human family today will be revealed for what they truly are: control culture … Continue reading Ring out the False in 2021

Control Culture

All Control Cultures are based on lies. May 31, 2020 Part 1 INtroduction A Control Culture is a social structure designed to manipulate emotions, confuse, stimulate fear of the unknown and most of all create a feeling of dependency on the authority figures who know far more than you ever could. Living in this type … Continue reading Control Culture

Discovering Authenticity in Fiction

"There are things that I canna tell you, at least not yet. And I'll ask nothing of ye that ye canna give me. But what I would ask of ye---when you do tell me something, let it be the truth. And I'll promise ye the same. We have nothing now between us, save---respect, perhaps. And … Continue reading Discovering Authenticity in Fiction

What’s Up With Human Intelligence?

Humans are the highest life form of intelligence that has ever existed on Planet Earth.  This statement is considered factual by most of today's society.  What sets human intelligence to this level above all others?  Verbal language stands out as it is the subject on every parent’s mind.  There is so much anxiety about the … Continue reading What’s Up With Human Intelligence?

Did My Mother Die In Vain?

  It has now been two weeks since my mother crossed over & one week since her funeral & Celebration of Life. A dormant aspect of my Spirit that I have never been aware of has now awakened resulting in a profound & permanent opportunity to experience my life on my own terms.  Like an … Continue reading Did My Mother Die In Vain?

Evolutions in Consciousness

Each of us experiencing the desire to be seen & heard are inside our own private chrysalis at this time. Questioning what is & opening to more & bigger is what the caterpillar does when it spins its cocoon. It goes into itself, away from its old ways. No more crawling around with the risk … Continue reading Evolutions in Consciousness

The Value of Relationships

Can you think of a life pattern that once you recognized it your life completely transformed?  A recent conversation conjured up one of those painful living patterns that I needlessly carried for decades.  A belief that until it was brought to my attention, lurked in the deep swamp of my non conscious mind, stealing my … Continue reading The Value of Relationships

Waiting to be Inspired?

Are you inspired? Do you live in inspired life? What inspires you? Are you waiting to be inspired? Without answers to these questions one can always feel there is something missing. For example being raised as a good girl I followed the rules, did what was expected of me and found myself feeling depressed and … Continue reading Waiting to be Inspired?

Choose Again in 2017

As I emerged from my parent’s home as a young person then from my mother’s home as a young adult, a hideous caricature of mashed together chaos stepped on the stage of modern society in the middle of old school Canada.  It was the 1980’s with loud makeup, proud big hair and shoulder pads leading … Continue reading Choose Again in 2017

Dear Duane,

You were my first love, and it is time that you hear about the impact you have had on my life. Look at us in this picture.  Aren’t we cute?  It was the 1980’s, we were young and in love.  My heart wants you to know that I am so grateful for your influence on … Continue reading Dear Duane,