Secrets.  Such a fascinating concept.  Have you ever been asked to keep a secret?   I know I have.  I have recently realized that I have had a long and painful relationship with secrets; mine, others but most compelling those of family members.  My nickname is “The Vault” and I assure you I am an initiated … Continue reading Secrets

Evolution – A Fresh Perspective

Are you evolving?  Are you finding yourself curious about concepts and perspectives that you could have cared less about 10 years ago?  Are you finding yourself feeling restless with your routine that even a year ago felt right and good?  Do you secretly ask yourself “Is this as good as it gets?” and you hope … Continue reading Evolution – A Fresh Perspective

Against All Odds

Have you ever wondered why most people consider unlimited possibilities for themselves to be flights of fancy, daydreams, for the lucky ones or just plain false?  The person who beats the odds of their upbringing like Tony Robbins and becomes a world-wide inspiration is a fluke or an anomaly?  Do you ever find yourself secretly … Continue reading Against All Odds

The Pursuit of Happiness

Have you found your map to happiness yet?  Do you believe it is possible for each of us to attain?  I do now and it is very different from a time when I thought I had it all figured out and was really excited. As I emerged from the cocoon of my childhood, I found … Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

Whose Truth is it Anyway?

  Do you ever wonder who is telling you the truth?  I used to.  Every day a new or “updated” version of the truth appears in the media and lately I have been fascinated by TV shows like “10 Things You Don’t Know About” which fills in the “truth” gaps left in school history textbooks … Continue reading Whose Truth is it Anyway?

I Yes my Way to Success

Have you ever said “Yes” to an opportunity that you thought was right at the time but didn’t feel right later on?  I sure have.  I used to believe that any opportunity that came my way was destined somehow, and I would have regrets if I didn’t jump at it.  Then I was stuck with … Continue reading I Yes my Way to Success

Welcome to my Blog!

2015 Life is worth living!  I have a unique contribution to make to the world! I know this is my year.  It is 2015 and the year to speak my truth. The year to embody my full leadership potential and expand the difference I make on this plane of existence.  A new vision of purposeful … Continue reading Welcome to my Blog!