Control Culture

All Control Cultures are based on lies.

May 31, 2020

Part 1 INtroduction

A Control Culture is a social structure designed to manipulate emotions, confuse, stimulate fear of the unknown and most of all create a feeling of dependency on the authority figures who know far more than you ever could. Living in this type of environment should NOT be acceptable to a human being. It is wrong on every level and is based on the lie of guilt. As a person emerging from lies to express herself authentically and take back her power, I am finding the first half of 2020 incredibly educational on the Human Condition. Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, people are expressing themselves authentically for the first time, or maybe I have a new set of eyes, like the idea of x-ray vision, where anybody I focus on is transparent in their self-expression now.  From the dentist to the stylist.  I have found it incredibly unnerving and disappointing. The false fronts that were shoved in my face for over 50 years now have been replaced by the authentic underlying patterns.

NEWS FLASH: They are NOT pretty.

Many Spells are being broken in my mind. No longer do the expressions of those I must interact with fool me. No longer do they affect me with a longing to “fit in” with their “Success Culture”. This is epic! I am talking about advanced education, professional careers, nuclear families, high end vehicles, pets, children, board memberships, to name a few. All of the yearning to fit in and envy of those who have achieved status quo has just fallen away in 2020. Those feelings have been replaced with mostly disgust as vibrations of anxiety and reliance on false power radiate out of so many individuals at this pivotal time.  Many desire to cling to me, which used to confuse the hell out of me. No longer. It is now so obvious to me. In particular the ones who are so artificially nice really turn my stomach. I am working to replace the disgust with compassion. This may take some time.

I allowed decisions to be made on my behalf in the Control Culture I grew up in. I gave credibility to every single authority figure over my Self. This was bad, very bad. I allowed my Self to be evacuated and replaced with artificial power and control. This was also bad, very bad. One of the biggest costs I paid for selling my Soul to family, religion and culture was my voice. My human right to a voice of who and what I was.

Until you have worn the mask of an evacuated soul, hell is just a Hollywood movie concept.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been putting together a list. I was inspired to do this as worldly events have played out and resulted in a spooky familiar new normal which appears to be sticking around. To be clear, the new social structure does NOT feel new to me. It has many characteristics of the social structure I was raised in. Since I decided to ask myself why the societal situation we find ourselves in bothers me to such a great extent, I have received downloads of information from my Higher Self, mostly at night. This is why I keep a notepad beside my bed!

Since breaking free of the spell of Control Culture, no Body and no thing can invade my Sovereignty and freedom to chose my authentic Self expression.

The list I am creating is a small sample of the rules and regulations of the Control Culture (CC) that was all I ever knew of life on this plane of existence until recently.  Leaving controlling situations physically is only one step to freeing oneself of a CC.  First I had to recognize I was being controlled and was not thinking or acting in my best interests.  My previous posts give some evidence to the pain suffered when under the Spell.  Only now that I have extricated my Self from the goo of CC, can I name the layers and layers of Spells cast.  This is an incredibly powerful and exciting exercise.   

Stay tuned for Part 2 – The List.    

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