What’s Up With Human Intelligence?

Humans are the highest life form of intelligence that has ever existed on Planet Earth. 

This statement is considered factual by most of today’s society.  What sets human intelligence to this level above all others?  Verbal language stands out as it is the subject on every parent’s mind.  There is so much anxiety about the length of time it takes a child to speak its first words.  What is going on here?  Is it possibly because of the meme in society being passed around like a virus that speaking verbally equals intellect?  This is certainly a falsehood but seems to persist in today’s comparison culture.  Many of us grew up observing adults using the ability to make logistical decisions based on verbal communication.  Between our parents, for example.  Traditional school systems are based on what is now known as left brain functioning.  Right, wrong, good or bad, black or white, linear thinking is rewarded with approval.     

Left-brain functions:

  • analytical
  • logical
  • detail- and fact-oriented
  • numerical
  • likely to think in words

These characteristics of intelligence continue to be held up as the properties of ultimate success in virtually every boardroom, classroom and election.

Does anyone see a huge gap in this thinking besides me?   The mental intellect is still held up as the Holy Grail of wisdom today but consider the state of the human condition in 2019!

Neuroscience is currently working to debunk the false belief that humans are intrinsically left or right brain dominant.  Quick overview article here.

Turns out that traditionally believed left or right brain thinking is not an either-or.  Our brains are designed to function optimally in the flow state, which also draws on the abilities of the right brain.

Right-brain functions:

  • creative
  • free-thinking
  • able to see the big picture
  • intuitive
  • likely to visualize more than think in words

These functions are harder to observe and measure, I agree.  Could this be a reason why those in power downplay these human intelligence aspects?  Connecting the dots that there are many different forms of intelligence was a significant awareness that slowly dawned on me after years of researching the human condition.

I struggled my whole life with finding the words to express myself. Mostly I just watched.  Learning how to spell, following how to structure an essay, never mind a paragraph, was overwhelming with the anxiety increasing & multiplying year over year. Experiences that overwhelmed my mental/emotional faculties resulted in feeling lost in black holes.  Fact was success in school equaled acceptance/approval in my family/culture/society back in the 1970’s & 1980’s.  I suspect I was not alone in the single model approval process of preparation for adulthood. Does it still have to be this way for kids today?

Join me in asking new questions resulting in new insights. Research leading to the theory of a little known human subset known as the Homo-Sensorium has me quietly excited. Forming words & sentences are considered archaic & outmoded communication forms to these individuals.  Are you one of them? I know I am. Animals & plants speak a language that comes naturally to me, and to this day are my preferred companions.

The exponential truth of universal intelligence is at work here and is worlds removed from traditional forms of accepted aspects of success…

Today I smile.

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