Evolution – A Fresh Perspective

Are you evolving?  Are you finding yourself curious about concepts and perspectives that you could have cared less about 10 years ago?  Are you finding yourself feeling restless with your routine that even a year ago felt right and good?  Do you secretly ask yourself “Is this as good as it gets?” and you hope not, because inside there is a desire for something more?

Welcome to the evolution of human consciousness.

Who knew there was such a thing?  Not me until recently when I started experiencing the restlessness described above.  Until Science “approved” the “new” concept of Neuroplasticity, it was common knowledge that one’s success in life was determined by one’s IQ.  Why else did students have to take those damn tests year after year?  When I first learned of the idea of neuroplasticity, I felt hope for myself and my future for the first time.  Why?  Keep reading.  I believe that even the impetus within humanity at this time for a better world is due to the evolution of human consciousness.  This is a huge relief to me, I assure you.  Believing that this world was going to hell in a handbasket and it was up to me to “save” as many as possible has been a heavy burden, kind of like being punched in the gut every day upon waking up.

Why the concept of evolution, and why now?  Good question.  Watching the movie “Lucy” with Scarlett Johansson in the summer of 2014 prompted me to revisit the subject of evolution.  My whole body tingled at the opening voice over.  “Life was given to us a billion years ago.  What have we done with it?”  With a juicy question like this, I buckled up, leaned in, and prepared to have my mind blown.  This movie did not disappoint.  Tapping into the aspect of my consciousness that is only satisfied with deep connection, I rode the wave of ideas which opened me to new hopeful possibilities for my future.

You see, I was struggling.  Even with the multitude of insights I had been opening up to, there were still so many unconscious aspects of me that had me convinced that I had missed the “love boat”, missed the “family of my own boat” and was very busy holding me under in the dark waters of fear and anxiety.

One year after watching “Lucy”, late on a hot August night, the bubble of a poisonous belief popped into my conscious mind.  The words just poured out:

Evolution was a dirty word why was evolution a dirty word in my family of origin because life was not about evolving life was about recognizing my inherent evilness, being saved and converting the unsaved in order to have an afterlife that would be worthwhile besides evolution was an evil concept by a worldly man that the devil had spoken to and even if there was any scientific proof for evolution the evolving of the species had obviously culminated with the human so suck it up and get on with your task.  Evolution was extinct in the sense that the highest evolved creature on earth had arrived however long ago even so the debate raged on when I arrived on the planet in the 1960’s and beyond but the fact is that we are what we are so there is no reason to focus on any hope of personal evolution I now see is the bill of goods that was sold to me and like a magic trick human evolution was a moot point because I arrived after evolution had completed ha ha the joke was on me.  Conclusion?  Life sucks then you die.

I am beyond grateful to my Mother who strongly encouraged me into taking myself to see this movie.  I see now that  it was time to open the Pandora’s Box of my upbringing again and shine a light on yet another glass of poison cool aid I had swallowed with a smile.  Without looking at it, I could never free myself of it and choose again, FOR life.

As I express my authentic self, ask for help, and dare to dream, the ghosts retreat and the cells in my body vibrate with unlimited possibility.

Ending this post with a song from the television series “Nashville”.  Now in its third season, this series has given me a glimpse into authentic self-expression with heart centered writing, acting and singing.  I dedicate this song to the souls who are authentically in my life.
Nashville Season 3 – Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor), Dana Wheeler (Beverly), Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne) – Friend of mine


If you’ve got something else to say
let’s get it out before the end of the day
cause it’s been too long singin’
the same song when we’re losin’ time

Trouble may come (a)knockin’
but you will always be a friend of mine, a friend of mine.
Leavin’ what we knew behind,
you will always be a friend of mine,
a friend of mine

So many battles we have lost.
So many bridges we had to cross.
But it’s been too long singin’ the same song oh,
but we’ve got time (we’ve got time).

Trouble may come (a)knockin’ but
you will always be a friend of mine,
a friend of mine.
Leavin’ what we knew behind,
you will always be a friend of mine,
a friend of mine

All we have is our best (all we have).
We can’t give any more or less.
Trusting God with the rest.
We can open any door.

Trouble may come (a)knockin’ but
you will always be a friend of mine,
a friend of mine.
Leavin’ what we knew behind,
you will always be a friend of mine,
a friend of mine.

La la la la la la
La la la la la la
La la la la la la

You will always be a friend of mine
(you will always be a friend)
You will always be a friend of mine.

To hear this song:  https://youtu.be/j3XXvRdS_vM?list=PLeBxYxDANgydlZzV6Ttr6BM0ZHPe706Ta

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