I Yes my Way to Success


Have you ever said “Yes” to an opportunity that you thought was right at the time but didn’t feel right later on?  I sure have.  I used to believe that any opportunity that came my way was destined somehow, and I would have regrets if I didn’t jump at it.  Then I was stuck with that decision even though I always seemed to have regrets later.

Remember the movie “Yes Man”?  I used to think this was a silly movie.  Okay it’s still a silly movie, but the message I get from it now is that the Jim Carrey character was cranky and depressed in his old beliefs about life and came to the point where he was fed up enough to try something new.

Looking back I have come to see that underneath my “Yes” was a big fear.  I had received extensive training that opportunities were few and far between so grab what you can and hold on.  Yikes, talk about a lack mentality!  Surviving was the name of the game and I was playing for broke.  This belief led me to hang onto jobs and people long after the expiry date of creative contribution had ended.  Life was boring, frustrating and I felt taken advantage of by the very things I said “Yes” to.

The first thing that happened when I questioned these beliefs was looking at my life situation with new eyes.  I admitted to myself that I was not feeling the deep connection I prefer with the people in my life, and that my work life was just a means to get by.  Talk about uninspired.  I admitted to myself that my social group connections didn’t feel supportive, so I let them go.  Then I lost my job.  This gave me the opportunity to discovery that hidden away inside me was a possibility for connecting with my internal “Yes”.   By going inside myself and checking in to how my body felt.  It took practice but now I align with opportunities and people that feel expansive inside, and what a huge difference!

My new definition of success has flipped to knowing there are people in my world that I respect and feel a connection with from my heart.  I open to meet new people when I am prompted internally and am now motivated by contribution, now completion.  Waking up to what my body tells me as an ally is a whole new paradigm for me and I recently said yes to a new job using my “Internal GPS”.  The experience was a real breakthrough as I aligned with what felt right in my body.  The process was an empowering one and Life for me is now full of new friends to make and new ways to contribute.

How about you?  How do you make decisions when opportunities are presented to you?   Do you use logic, intuition or both?  How is that working for you?   I

Please post your comments below, I would love to hear from you!

One thought on “I Yes my Way to Success

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more when referring to listening to your body. Thanks to my enlightened friend I am listening to my body more and more. Listening to my intuition and trusting my gut feelings again. It’s been awhile so Hello body, I am hearing. One slow step at a time we will get there. Also listening to my soul is a big initiator for me. I like a calm, peaceful anything, situation, people, job. I fought that for a long time, it feels good to embrace this part of me. And to not feel guilty that this is the way I am.


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