Welcome to my Blog!


Life is worth living!  I have a unique contribution to make to the world!

I know this is my year.  It is 2015 and the year to speak my truth. The year to embody my full leadership potential and expand the difference I make on this plane of existence.  A new vision of purposeful contribution is growing within me, yay!        

As I awaken to these truths, M & M’s (magic and miracles) rise up to greet me every day.  The more I align with my intuition, the more doors life opens to me.  Awareness of truth is now being activated inside me.  Since I made a commitment to take responsibility for my experience of life, the fog of confusion is lifting, and my heart is my guide.  I now see that each of us are powerful creators.  What are you creating?

How did I get to this delicious place?  What did it take for me to arrive at a new life experience that emanates from inside me?  I invite you to join me on a journey of discovering an unexplored part of myself that has always been with me, knocking on the door of my heart.

Remember the movie “Click”?  Have you ever had a moment where you realized that you went through a period of time that felt like a blur?  I have.  Actually, up until recently, I lived on autopilot, experiencing deep frustration with myself and life in the rare moments I would take a step back.

“Why me?”  “Why is my life such a struggle?” “It’s not fair!”

Being raised with a strict Puritan Work Ethic, I came to believe early on that the world was a finite place with simple but definitive answers.  In order to adhere to this rigid world view I had to disconnect from my feelings and ultimately from myself.  What is it like to be disconnected from oneself?  Never feeling good enough, feeling overwhelmed, needy, empty.  The feeling of being stuck in a loop of suffering and solving and hating being alone.

As I do the inner work I change … I connect to myself, learn how to honor my emotions, and to show up without fear. To speak up when something is not right, trusting the emotions in my body and responding to that – instead of dimming down and selling out my gut feelings.  Life just gets better and better, and delivers continuous wake-up calls – needed to wake me up to aligning to who I truly am.

I am so grateful to my Self for the courage to open to the possibility that my life could be different.  Who I thought I was and what I was capable of was not true, and my blog clarifies the epiphanies that woke me up when I dared to question what I believed about myself.

Join me!

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