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Hiking up Mt. Shasta 2019
  • nomad of the universe

  • Former Feminist
  • Reverse Aging aka Female “Benjamin Button”
  • Researcher of but not limited to:

    • Human Potential
    • Polarity
    • Universal Truth
    • Xponential Intelligence
    • The Human Condition
    • Duality
    • Ancient Wisdom
    • Syncretism
    • Divine Sacred Feminine
  • Truth Oracle

  • Human Potential Champion

  • Status Quo Provocateur

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Control Culture

May 31, 2020 Part 1 INtroduction A Control Culture is a social structure designed to manipulate emotions, confuse, stimulate fear of the unknown and most of all create a feeling of dependency on the authority figures who know far more than you ever could. Living in this type of environment should NOT be acceptable to … Continue reading Control Culture

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