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Hiking up Mt. Shasta 2019
  • Transforming into Coherence with my Essential Nature
  • Former Feminist now embracing the Good, the True and the Beautiful
  • Reverse Aging aka Female “Benjamin Button”
  • Researcher of but not limited to:

    • Human Potential
    • Polarity
    • Universal Truth
    • Xponential Intelligence
    • The Human Condition
    • Duality
    • Ancient Wisdom
    • Syncretism
    • The Tyrannical Feminine
    • Control Culture
  • Truth Oracle

  • Human Potential Champion

  • Status Quo Provocateur

What I love about myself is that I somehow found the courage to stick around long enough to discover that everything I was raised to believe about myself, the evil I was, the people who raised me, blood family, the world, the “others”, my destiny, “god”, my duty, my “assignment”, the afterlife, etc. etc. was a big fat LIE.  Words cannot express the effects of the religious family cult I was born into.  Scientology comes close.

I left that world at 18, but proceeded to limp through life, experiencing self-sabotage, self-hate, victim mentality, feeling let down by god, and everyone else.  I was unable to develop real connections to others and so faked a persona based on the extroverts that appeared to be enjoying life.  I look back and see how numb I felt while watching 9-11 from the relative safety of Canada.  This numbed out experience of life was my norm.

15 years ago I turned 40 and my soul told me that I was full of black poison.  I had no idea what that meant but found my health falling apart soon after.  The funny thing was that fitness was the ONE thing that I could enjoy up until then.  Even that small joy dropped away. Every level of pain increased until I developed pneumonia with pleurisy.  I was done with the act.

For some reason I still do not understand, I was cajoled into giving myself another shot at this life. I became a truth seeker even while under the influence of a control culture that I was unaware of. I continued to trust liars, I continued to walk blindly into situations where I was taken advantage of, I continued to believe that people were mostly good. Still, I persisted.

This blog contains a few of the musings and awarenesses I have extracted out of my Self as I explore the neverending journey to deeper and wider truths about life, this realm and humanity.       

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